Intuitive Insights

Sometimes challenges happen because you’re too close to them. Stuckness can arrive when you repeat your same habits without shifting to meet the new dynamics. Anxiety can hit when fear of the future outweighs your grounding in the present.

When you book an Intuitive Insights session we tap into new perspectives both factual and intuition-based to arrive at fresh ideas and actionable strategies for growth. We look at your goals, lifestyle, and habits to uncover places where friction is preventing momentum.

We can focus on one specific question or opportunity or look more broadly at your work and life for insights that can help you move forward.

You can choose to email a specific question and get intuitive guidance back based on Kristen’s inner knowing, research background, and holistic mindset. Or you can book a 25-minute virtual or 55-minute in-person or virtual session that includes conversation and action-planning tied to your opportunities. You can even purchase a 6- or 12-session package to maintain accountability and momentum.