You are awesome! Yah YOU…the one sitting here leveling up and looking for fresh ways to grow your body, mind, and energy!
Throughout life there are sticking points…big, scary, ugly ones that take you down and small, stressful, and equally frustrating ones that can hurt your productivity, mood, health, relationships, and impact at work and at home.
At namaSync you unblock your best self with new and unbiased perspectives. Plus you will tap into intuitive guidance, create aligned vision and intention for your goals, and maintain accountability and momentum when you need it most.
namaSync experiences are designed for individuals who want to energize their work and life, work teams who want to elevate mental processes and reduce stress, and groups who want a fresh and fun way to bring new energy into their lives – and we even have a Executive Energy Experiences for high-level leaders and Couples Experiences to deepen your connection to your partner!
Let’s connect and namaSync you!
New namaSyncers get 25% your first session!
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Kristen Brown is the founder of namaSync. She uses super-actionable and nerdy-research-proven methods for work/life alignment, leadership, and personal power. She is a bestselling author, worldwide speaker, energy medicine practitioner, 15-year corporate leader, widowed mom, crystal reiki healer, and RYT-200 yoga teacher (500-hour and yoga therapist certifications are in progress).

She spent over 15 years in corporate America before starting her business after being widowed unexpectedly with a new baby during the economic crash. Since then she has worked with clients around the world including the Minnesota Vikings, General Mills, and Mayo Health. She appears often in the media including Live with Kelly, Forbes, Working Mother, Psychology Today, and Twin Cities Live. Her books and podcast are read and listened to by audiences around the world.

The most awesome leaders and happiest humans keep their energy in sync and charged up so they can show up as and feel their best every day even when times are stressful! Kristen can help you do it!

Her biggest faults – she is an occasional know-it-all, sometimes workaholic, and frequent wine aficionado; and her biggest love is her genetically-sassy daughter Brooke. She lives in Minneapolis and spends her free time boating, reading, and hiking with her 2-year-old black lab, Boone.