Executive Energy

Designed for executive and C-level leaders, a namaSync Executive Energy Experience brings together all of the best insights, exercises, and actionability for which we are known.

It combines multiple modalities into a single, powerful session to active leadership energy, align goals to lifestyle dynamics, shift energetic drains that come from leading many people whose energies impact yours, and much more.

This is a three-hour, in-depth experience specifically created for busy leaders who manage teams, big budgets, and strategic vision for their departments and companies.

You already know how to lead. This helps you align, activate, and elevate the seven energy centers that drive your solid leadership abilities so you feel more fulfilled by your role, less triggered by difficult people and situations, and more excited by the integration of your work and life goals and dreams.

Schedule your session today and start feeling the flow of energy that will elevate your mood, decrease your stress, and uplevel your life in all dimensions.