namaSync Teams

namaSync specializes in connecting and elevating team performance and showcasing individual gifts and results.

Founder, Kristen Brown, spent 15 years in leadership roles in corporate America and has been motivating work teams on leadership, stress management, resilience, sales, and much more as a keynote speaker, consultant, and trainer for many years after her traditional corporate path took a turn after she was widowed unexpectedly.

She uses her workplace and human development expertise, Master’s education, personal experiences, and extensive certifications on holistic wellness to motivate her audiences.

When your team participates in a namaSync experience you will find you have deeper insight, stronger clarity, increased focus, and more engagement in your job responsibilities and workplace relationships.

When you know what you bring to the table you can have greater influence and impact. When you use your skills you open up your time. When you tap into your energy you create massive flow that skyrockets creativity, strategic thinking, innovation, and motivation.

Let’s create a fresh and fun namaSync experience and see what your team can do!

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