Pure Potential Energy Sessions

Based on your individual challenges and goals, we will create a powerful combination of modalities that directly target your needs and goals.

Some examples of possible energy boosters we may create for you: yoga and body movements, energy work, CBD and essential oil assessment, supplement gaps, lifestyle audit, crystal healing, and many more.

These holistic shifts can change your mindset, energize your body, and elevate your connection to what you want and need most.

You will meet with Kristen in-person or via Zoom or Phone to identify current energetic opportunities that need alignment or activation. If in-person at namaSync you will meet with her for 10-15 minutes and then spend 20-25 minutes alone in a private treatment room with specific music, crystals, etc. to activate your specific needs.

If virtual you will meet via Zoom or phone first for 10-15 minutes. Kristen will then guide you on how to receive energy healing from her virtually after you end the conversation. This entails being in a quiet space where you will not be disturbed for 20-25 minutes after you have spoken with Kristen live. You will lay comfortably and follow her instructions from your initial conversation.

After the energy healing portion whether virtual or in-person you will meet with Kristen again for specific guidance on things you can do going forward from home to ensure you stay on track with your goals and energetic activation.

One past client said:

“I had never experienced an energy alignment before and it was recommended to me to aid in fertility. I was a bit apprehensive reaching out to Kristen but she quickly put me at ease and made the experience incredible enjoyable and insightful from beginning to end. I was so impressed with how comfortable she made me during our session and how quickly the time went. I frequently found myself feeling the weights lighten and recognize areas that needed attention that I had not noticed before. Kristen quickly followed up with a lot of great notes and suggestions for how to continue to care for what needed attention! I would highly recommend anyone give it a try who thinks it may help – – or at least provide some relaxation and insight to yourself!”